Saturday, August 30, 2008

Round 2 and 3 in the Temple House

Well, it was unavoidable knowing how long Jilly was sick. I have it full-blown, still less than Jillian did, and Elizabeth now is starting with the cough.

Elizabeth went to her first sleepover last night. I truly think that 6 is quite young, but this is a good friend from Kindergarten and I know the parents well. It was the little girl's birthday and the dad and stepmom were taking her, her two sisters and asked about Elizabeth, to dinner. Hate to say this, but this stepmom is more of a mom than the real mom and the girls love her...If you met her, you would just have to agree. Anyway, they live in Plant City and we've alternated playdates and one would bring the girls home from school while the other picks either the 3 girls up or I pick up Elizabeth. So when asked if I would let her stay over, I was reluctant, of course...this is my baby...but for the first time, I could not think of anyone better to trust. They went to Chili's and she called to say goodnight....I truly missed her, but it was a nice treat being how sick this house has been. Who would of known she would now be starting to get sick. All 4 girls stayed up to 10:00....(I think I was falling asleep by then.)

So we are having a lowkey day...George's son is over, everyone is relaxing, playing Wii and making homemade pizza later...for us, I'm happy its raining...I do not have to say no to the pool for the girls...LOL!


Melodie said...

I hope you and Elizabeth start to feel better soon. Is Jilly still on the mend?

Debbie said...

At times, yes, but just a few minutes ago, we had an awful incident with a coughing spell.....It will has to one day, right....LOL!