Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hurricane Fay

By now, everyone knows that we basically had a beautiful day today...Its a bit breezy now, but nothing that would indicate it's from the storm.

BUT, for all those that might of watched the 6:00 news, this storm is doing a first...at least a first for Denis Phillips on ABC Action News, who has been doing the weather for 25 years. This storm has intensified even for being on land...The changes are good for this storm to go back to the Atlantic, become a hurricane and and then make a sharp left to Jacksonville. Eventually going along the Panhandle to Alabama. There is some uncertainty on how south this storm might go...We are right outside that cone....But I'm sure this will not happen...To me, impossible to come back to us after all this hype...But like Denis said, he never seen this in 25 years already, so they are not ruling anything out.

All I really care about is school tomorrow...YAY!!!!

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