Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dance Audition

Today, Elizabeth had a dance audition at her dance school. She auditioned to become a member of the Ballet Ensemble @ Judy's Dance.

The Ensemble is part of the "dance company" minus competition's. The ensemble is a performance group at various community functions and activities, example Fall Festival's, Strawberry Festival's, etc. This year they are expanding having the ensembles, not just for ballet, but jazz and hip/hop, going out to retirement homes, nursing homes, etc. to perform. Its a group that will be giving back to the community and the examples for performing at homes is a gift to the people living there that cannot go out to plays, recital and things that we take for granted. We should find out this week if she was accepted and then we need to talk to her on her choice, participating in this group or going back to our church choir. She's been in the choir for 2 years and I believe that having friends in the choir will influence her. But being part of this close net group and giving back is a wonderful way for her or any young one to learn other ways that our community enjoys the younger generation learning about, accepting and being enthusiastic about helping.

Other than that, went back to the gym this morning after dealing with the routine this week and, Jillian's illness and just the day-to-day hustle. Took a trip to Michael's for more paint for the girls and some neat dot paint (I forgot the exact name and George went to bed, so I do not want to make noise with the bag) but they are paint bottles that remind me of the old bingo markers. All I need to see is mess-free and I'm sold.

Tomorrow will be a relaxing day. ELizabeth has some practice homework and the rest depends on the weather.

Jillian continues to show that she is getting better, not exactly where I wish she was already, but how long it has been, I'll take any improvement!!!

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