Monday, June 9, 2008

OMG Part 2

Well I took Elizabeth to see my favorite Dr. today because she had a terrible rash on her neck and forehead. She's had it for a bit now and I thought with the lice thing, etc., I should check. In any case, the lice were still there and the doctor prescribed a heavier dosage of hair rinse for her...Its Permethrin 5% Cream. It burned her so bad she was in tears...But tonight we did get out a ton more and hopefully that will be it. I am advised to do one more treatment in a week. She is taking Benadryl and using a hydrocortison cream for the rash and itch. Hopefully the poor thing will be feeling better soon.

We skipped dance, which was the technical practice, a pretty important one, but she could not go. Of course at the dance studio, they understood and appreciated a bunch. Other than that, I'm beat after 2 hours of hair, but nothing compared to what she went through...So now I am going to relax and either watch TV or read.....Good Night!!!


Karen said...

If you still have a problem with the lice, let me know. I'm sure there is a Melaleuca recipe for getting rid of lice. I know I've seen some on some yahoo groups I belong to. Anyway, I'm sure that I would have all the ingredients to make it. It wouldn't burn her skin and since the lice don't like the Melaleuca oil/tea tree oil, it works. Good luck.

Andrea said...

Oh Debbie! Please SWEAR ALL YOU WANT - you have every single stinkin' right. Oh boy - I can only imagine! Yikes! I hope this last round of treatment kicks it...poor girls & oh boy, you have been working overtime. I'm assuming neither you or George got them...I've always heard they jump and spread like crazy. What a blessing if you didn't have them at least. I hope this week turns out better!