Saturday, June 7, 2008

Elizabeth's Birthday Party

Today we had Elizabeth's 6th Birthday party. Theme was Hannah Montana...Elizabeth does not watch the show, but loves listening to her music. I'm happy that she's still in the Princess stage, but we are in between both. That's the sad part....But she's keeping with our Disney tradition.

We had a bouncy castle, which we were able to get dirt cheap. In our development, the owner of the company rents them out at a set price. The convenience of just being down the road, etc. was well worth it. We had about 14 kids and it was a lot easier to have something that the children can entertain themselves with. And it was not just a bouncy party when we are sitting with a nice pool!!! The party itself was exhausting, but fun...I was originally going to have it for 2-1/2 hours or so, but my husband said no....make it 11:00 - 3:00. Time flew.

Let me share one annoying thing and piece of advice. This was a 6 yr old party...If you throw a party for your child that you believe parents should stay at, you might want to indicate that on the invites. Someone that Elizabeth invited from her class came with her sister. The girls and mom had NEVER been to our house and only met us a couple of times in front of the school. Well in the midst of people coming, she dropped them off, cam ein the backyard and proceed to tell them to have a good time and that she'll be back at 3:00. She also knew it was a pool party. The kicker was, if it wasn't a kicker already, was the girl from Elizabeth's class COULD NOT SWIM. She did not bring floaties or anything she might use. Thanksfully, we had things here for guests, but come on. How stupid can someone be????!!!!

Here are some pictures.....I cannot believe that it is 11:30 and I am still up. Exhausted, but up....


Karlise said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Melodie said...

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!!

And OMG!!! How irresponsible of that parent! Did she even say anything to you before she left? Like, "By the way, my kid can't swim and I'm leaving - Good Luck,"?

Heather said...

Wow, I can't imagine leaving a non-swimming SIX year-old at a pool party!

Looks like a grat time was had by all though!