Monday, June 16, 2008

Marathon Week Begins............HERE!

We had a wonderful family day yesterday for Father's Day. I made a delicious dinner and it was just a nice, semi-quiet day.

But this week starts the fun........Elizabeth has her last dance rehearsal before her recital on Saturday. Then tomorrow, Jillian starts her Summer Camp Program at Limona. She is looking forward to it and seems to remember some of it from last year. Elizabeth also seems my hair girl to get her hair styled. Then tomorrow night, dinner with the girls from Limona!!!! Wednesday, Elizabeth has the followup to her dermatologist appt. PLUS rehearsal for Oklahoma in the evening. Unfortunately, this is my husband's birthday, so I am thinking that we will take him out to a nice lunch since we are having a quick dinner and out the door that night. Thursday, more Oklahoma and last day before our vacation...Whoohoo! But also, dress rehearsal and her recital on Saturday...Whew!

We are not going anywhere for vacation. Possibly next Friday we will hit the beach for a few days, but Elizabeth will also be having her Summer Camp at the Rolling Pin next week. We decided that for this vacation, there were things we wanted to get done around the house...We are repainting, sponging, building, etc.... I honestly think its wise for us to not go away this year...with the gas prices and in general, prices of EVERYTHING, I am perfectly fine with that...We've been away for the last 5 years, usually more than 2 vacations a year....Elizabeth has a bunch of friends she wants to see during the summer, Jillian has a few....and I have a ton of projects to do....I consider this vacation one of those vacations that come next Sunday night, I will be exhausted but will be completely satisifed that we took the time out to complete things....Weekends just are not long enough...LOL!!

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Melodie said...

I need a vacation like that! The weekends are just not long enough to get things done.