Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vacation's Over

Here it is, Sunday evening....Its 6:25 and dinner is done and the girls are bathe and in jammies....all ready for an early bedtime...Tomorrow, BACK TO SCHOOL...I am a little sad because they are going back which also means, I need to get back to work....BUT, I am also happy to get back to a daily schedule...

Today, Elizabeth and I went to see "Horton Hears A Who" and then lunch at Chili's...It was a perfect ending and my way of rewarding her for a good week, excellent helper and one girl that usually cannot go 7 days in a row without some attitude or our heads butting.

Well tonight, Chef Husband made me a delicious Shrimp dish....He had his over pasta and I had mine over a salad, with a piece of garlic toast...I need to show this professional pic of my "high-end" meal tonight...I just want to add that this meal was not planned....He was going to make something totally different (which I have summoned him to do tomorrow) and we had shrimp in the freezer and the rest is to been seen........

Doesnt' that look absolutely delicious....It was....Yummy! I feel very spoiled right now because my secret guilty pleasure is Coffee Coolatta's (without the whipped cream) from Dunkin' Donuts. Well we found a recipe online which swears to be the original recipe...So there he was, in search of the one major ingredient (besides the coffee of course)....Hazelnut Syrup! So tonight, I will finish my evening off with a Homemade Coffee Coolatta, which I will no longer be able to say its a DD. I'll have to think of a new name for this and just maybe, if I can keep the straw out of my mouth long enough, I'll have one more picture to post!!! Just maybe, I will have to hold a raffle, for charity of course, and raffle my husband off to the winner for a complete 4 or 5 course meal....LOL!


Andrea said...

Sounds like it will be good to get back to the regular grind but that you also had a great week. Good for you all.
I know you asked about the gym - I belong to Shapes on Lumsden...they offered a much better deal when I signed up so they won out!
Have a good night with your "Mock-lotta" LOL

Karen said...

So did Elizabeth enjoy the movie? I thought it was cute and Shawn said he liked it but he was a bit distracted during the movie. I don't think it had enough action in it. You are very lucky to have a husband who likes to cook. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Andrea said...

yes, Matthew is super into Nascar...for about 7-9 months now. I am not quite sure where it came from - Don was never a huge fan, but he does go to a few races every year as a guys weekend.
Matthew is a HUGE Jeff Gordon fan but he has acquired his "own" team of favs: Jeff Gordon as #1 and then, Ryan Newman, Jimmie Johnson and I believe Tony Stewart. I have been "assigned" Reed Sorenson as "my guy" by Matthew - I secretly think it's because I like Target. But I was told today that "my guy" crashed in last night's race. Matthew gets very worked up watching these races!
He re-enacts races with his small Nascar vehicles and makes us sing the National Anthem before he begins and then something about "boogety, boogety, boogety...let's go racing boys"
We are taking him to tour the Daytona Speedway next month so he's super excited about that!