Monday, April 28, 2008

Typical Monday

Today was a typical day in the Temple Household. School for both girls, dance for Elizabeth and then the Kids Club for the girls while I took a step class.

I am starting to get behind with my work because wouldn't you know it, I am being asked to do other projects than my "normal" work. Of course, I will not complain...Most jobs will ask you to do other things and I was never a"that's not my job" type of person. Especially when you've been with a company 10 + years....But I did the best I could.

Picked up Jilly from school and the teacher's told me she was in a "crazy" mood. Actually, most of the class was....There must be a full moon rising!!!

Elizabeth's practicing for her recital. Being at the new Dance Studio is proving to be the best thing for Elizabeth. She is learning so much more and making more friends. They are even dancing at the Youkey Theatre in Lakeland. Her recital is the song from Pocohontas....

I am having difficulty with Jillian cooperating with bedtime. She forces herself to stay awake and cries or more like a whinny type voice saying that she's trying (when I know darn well she isn't). She also says that its hard to fall asleep. So here we go again, another phase in Jillian's life. I swear, I should of started a book already.....

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Andrea said...

It must be something in the air - hope Jillian gets over the "crazy" soon! If I didn't know better yesterday I'd swear Matthew was having PMS! I even told his teacher that when I dropped him off. Better today but today Patrick was whiny...yikes! I noted on my blog but in case you didn't go back...I thought about it being allergies on Patrick but since he doesn't have any "other" allergies symptoms I was doubtful...but I could be wrong. No watery eyes or dark circles, no sneezing, no congestion, no runny nose, no "wheezing"...just this sharp cough. We'll see I guess.
That is exciting about Elizabeth's recital - she must be so excited! Is the new school a "whole" new school or a new site for the old school?