Saturday, April 26, 2008

Temple Family Day

Today has been an excellent "family" day. First, let me back up...George had a "surgical" procedure done at his dermatologist. A few weeks ago, he was told he had skin cancer, the one that if you are going to get, this is the one you want. Well he had it removed yesterday and we'll wait for the results to come in. The doctor is pretty sure everything will be fine, but it still is a small waiting game just to give us peace of mind...This was right on his elbow and the incision was 4 inches and he really can't do too much with that arm and no lifting....So that canceled out any outside work he might of had planned.

So this a.m., I gave him a break and wanted to take 2 classes, back-to-back, at the gym. I brought the girls with me and they had a blast at the Kids Club for over 2 hours. Then I promised them BK, which they have not had in ages and I picked up Subway for George and I. I am having that Veggie Delight craving again. Then I took the girls in the pool for about an hour, brushed the pool and set the cleaner up to vacuum the pool. George played outside a bit with them when they came out of the pool..

Now it is my turn to make a FABULOUS dinner. I am making stuffed pork chops with an apple/raisin sauce. With it, we are having roasted veggies. We are planning an early dinner because since this is such a "together" day, we figured we would end it and take the girls to Dairy Queen. I still have $12 worth of gift certificates from Jillian's tonsil surgery around the holidays and $2 from Elizabeth's last year...

(I'll have to try to post a picture of my dinner!) LOL!


Andrea said...

Nice day & nice dinner! Good for you!!! Yum for all of us to see too!

Melodie said...

Sounds like you all had a lovely day.