Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Its Only Wednesday

Ok, by that title, it sounds bad...It truly is not....But Jillian was a bit of a firecracker today. We had some friends down, one boy from Elizabeth's class last year and his brother, who is in Jillian's class this year. They did everything, from mess up the house, picked it up, playdoo, hide and seek, coloring, etc. (including breaking for lunch). But around 1:30, Jillian just went wild in a fun, non-stop laughing way. I really shouldn't complain because its 4:00 and I smell an early bedtime tonight....

My day was pretty laid back and what really mattered was that the kids were entertained....We have one more day of entertainment with friends tomorrow and then hopefully out to breakfast on Friday and the beach. The weekend should be pretty laid back also, with a Saturday to myself...George is doing the Rolling Pin, a race is on and then maybe I'll have a late Veggie Subway and I'll be set....But for now, time to go and make sure Jillian doesn't fall asleep!!!

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