Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update on my little darling

Well Elizabeth has missed 3 days of school, but will return tomorrow. She would of gone today, but she was in severe ear pain. She has a horrible cough and I thought it was better to keep her home.... She is doing better now and thanks for all the well wishes...Now if those ears will just unclogged, we would be homefree...

Its funny with our kids during sickness. They are down for the count and once they have that little surge of wellness, they are playful and you wonder why you kept them home....But they wind down pretty quick also.

Today we Indulgence Day at Jillian's school. We had a large success in parents contributing to the child's teacher. It is so nice to see that the teachers are appreciated the way that they should be...But for being a member of the Parent's Association, it has been a little busy...I work with a great team of members of the Association and of course, we cannot forget Limona's families.

I am excited about our 4th and and final Community Project which will be the Brandon Pregnancy Crisis Center....We've done Metropolitian Ministries, a Toy collection for the Hillsborough Child Abuse Center, Packages for the Military and now this one...

I saw Elizabeth's teacher at the gym tonight who reminded me that there are 28 days of school left. (Jillian has less)...Hard to believe that the school year is ending next month and Elizabeth will be going into 1st grade...She's growing up too fast!!!!!

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Andrea said...

Busy-Busy, huh? Never a dull moment! Glad to hear Elizabeth is on the mend...hope the ears clear up fast, it feels awful when your ears are clogged! Sounds like the teachers were treated as wonderfully as they should be!!