Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tomorrow is Friday! YAY!!!

I say that now...I am looking forward to tomorrow and no particular schedule for 2 weeks.

Tomorrow Jillian has her Christmas Party and so does Elizabeth. Its such a lazy, fun day, that the girl's will be popping out of bed as soon as I tell them its time to get up.

More importantly, is a project my Daisy Troop has finished. As a group, we have made Holiday cards for a Residential Home, along with some Christmas ornaments and cookies. (Cookies going to staff to disbursed due to dietary needs.) I am so proud of my girl's, the eagerness and willingness to do for others. Prior to delivering our gifts, we have our first badge ceremony. We are squeezing a lot in to one meeting, but for 5 and 6 yr olds, that's fine. But doing what we did as a group, is just what Scouting is about...Helping others in our community.

Well, tonight we had some "Family Wii time", which really is not an occasional thing. We seem to have a lot of Wii nights. Jillian is amazing with the bowling, but she does not display good sportsmanship. We do have to work on that, but she is only 4. Hell, I know some older kids and adults that aren't...LOL!

Tomorrow night we have George's holiday dinner with his work. I am looking forward to that, adult time...I'll take some alone adult time whenever! But wouldn't we all...LOL!

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