Monday, December 29, 2008

Enjoying Vacation Time....

I had a busy day with the girls...Went to the gym 2x's but besides that, took Elizabeth to the doctor for the annoying cough that she has had for almost 4 weeks. They are treating her for a sinus infection with the post nasal drip, swollen nostril's, raspy cough and voice....But she is not really sick, just needed to take care of things.

Then after lunch, we played Wii and a few games of Disney's DVD Bingo Game. There are a lot of games I do enjoy, but this one was so, so much fun. I highly recommend it!!! Jillian fell asleep around 4:00 and we let her...She was beat...Since being home from school, the little girl has been going nonstop...But we woke her after 1/2 an hour, went out and when we came home, had a late dinner. Its 8:12, Jillian just fell asleep and Elizabeth is watching a Barbie movie in her room. Movies are allowed on non-school night.

Tomorrow, we have a friend from church coming over for the day when her mom goes back to work...So it will be another busy, but fun day!!!

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