Sunday, December 14, 2008

The End of Another Week

Can it be title of this blog is similiar to last Sunday's...Just when the weekend is over. I have no time to really blog or much of anything else lately, so once a week is good for me..

Last night, Jillian had her performance at our church with the Choir. Let me just say, she stole the show. She was very cute, basically doing her own thing, grabbing the admiration of the lookers, especially the elder's. I was not embarassed by her, just felt a little bad because she was stealing and getting the attention during certain parts when she shared the stage is so many other children. But as a mom, that's my Jilly! She didn't misbehave although she didn't constantly follow directions. But she is 4 yrs old and she was on stage for quite a long time....Longer than I think some 4 yr olds can hold their attention.

The week itself is somewhat of a blur. I missed the gym so much, but other things were needed. Elizabeth loves to go to Yates Winter Concert (went last year) and we went Thursday night. I think this will be an annual thing being that she loves music and the singing.

Today was a heavy duty laundry day. That's how bad this week was, I had 4 loads of laundry, which is a lot for me on the weekend. I usually do some during the week, but this week, there was no time. My husband was chosen to cater/serve for a Holiday Party ,so he has been gone since 10:30 this morning and not expected home until about that time in the p.m. Girls are asleep and now is some alone time...And yes, finally finished my Christmas Cards!!! LOL!

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