Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas with the Temple's

We had a wonderful holiday....First on Christmas Eve, we went to Church. The girl's looked like little princesses in their dresses and acted like little princesses. By time we came home and ate, the girl's didn't get to bed until around 9:00. Now Elizabeth is usually sleeping by 8:00, so she was excited and ready. Jillian feel asleep before we left cookies and snacks for Santa and his reindeer, so Elizabeth did it with Daddy and wrote a note. Then George, Jeremiah (George's son) and myself stayed up until after midnight playing Wii.

The girl's slept until 7:00. That is late for Christmas morning. A tradition my brother-in-law did as a young boy in England was that him and his siblings left a pillowcase at the foot of his bed. When Santa came to visit, Santa needs to check to make sure all the children are sleeping. So he pop's a surprise or two in their own "sacks" to wake up to. So in the a.m., both girl's hopped in Elizabeth's bed and did that. Then it went quickly, the excitement of the gifts, presents to open, a nice big breakfast and just a good time playing with new things. One thing Elizabeth told me when we ran to Walgreen's for batteries (because this was the first year I forgot to check and make sure we had what we needed) was that Christmas is not about all the presents....Its about spending time with your family!! How nice for a 6 yr old to say! I said that was true and she should remember that, but she can also have fun remembering and playing with her gifts.

The hot item this year was the great savings on Black Friday with the scooters. Jillian has a princess one while Elizabeth has a Razor. So we needed to go out and play.

When the kids went to bed, George and I finished watching Prison Break that we had taped and played my new Wii game, Jillian Michael's 2009 Fitness. (JM is a trainor, a tough trainor from The Biggest Loser!)

So today starts the playdates with 3 girl's coming over to make homemade pizza's and to play....This holiday was a little more lowkey regarding presents, nothing extragnant and staying without budgets and I have to say, it was the best yet!!!


Karlise said...

Glad everyone had a great Christmas! I bought that JM Fitness game (preorder) and returned it before even opening it. It had horrible reviews. I hope you like it though!

Enjoy your vacation!

Karen said...

Looks like everyone enjoyed their Christmas. We got a Wii this year and I got Wii fit. You'll have to let me know how you like your new game. I'm already feeling the burn from 2 days of Wii fit, lol.

Debbie said...

The Wii game is not easy, but I love it....Its a lot of work and at first, a little confusing, but boy, my arms were sore and I go to the gym...LOL! I can't wait to do it tonight and yes, I would get it if I were you! But I'm partial to all those Wii exercise things...I just did the DVD Dance Resolution with Elizabeth and her friends...Man, what another great thing...Now I want the Wii one! heehee!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! I forgot I wanted to get Olivia a scooter, so I'll have to look and see if I can get a good deal between now and her birthday!