Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jillian's Christmas Program

Yesterday Jillian had her Christmas party along with the class singing 3 songs. Much better than last year where Jillian just cried. This year, she was all into it...Of course it was all about the claps and laughs for Jillian. She is our performer, more on the spot and doing what she feels like doing...But that's my Jillian and she looked adorable as did the whole class.

But before school, both girls were excited that it was the last day of school....Both of them wearing their new Christmas lightup shirts....

Do they look happy or what???!!!!??

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Andrea said...

Oh that is too sweet. I bet she loved the Christmas program this year - isn't it amazing what 1 year can do? I am glad they ended their week on a happy note and I am sure this will be a fun & happy week too! Enjoy!!!