Friday, December 19, 2008

Daisy Troop Visit to Residential Home

Today at our troop meeting, we made a special trip to a local Residential Home to deliver homemade Christmas cards and cookies. The home is Superior off of Providence Ridge Rd.

When we arrived (there was about 8 girls and their mom's) the girls were so excited to go in and see the people that lived there. They asked me if they were going to sing and originally, it was not part of the plan. Some of the girls are shy so I did not want to press it. But the girls really wanted to do this and I said that was fine. So we went in and met with the Executive Director.

She took all of us to one section of the home, where the resident's with Alzeheimer's live. The girls handed out cards, said their Merry Christmas's and had a wonderful time visiting. They sand Jingle Bells and Rudolph for entertainment.

After that, we went to the section where the resident's had dementia. That was sadder and when the girls finished handing out the cards and started to sing, I thought I would break a little with tears. But I pulled myself together. They sang Frosty and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. One girl did want to sing Silent Night, but that would of just done me in!!!! Here is a picture of my troop at the Home...

Our Troop is invited to go back and I am considering Valentine's Day! But we are all in agreement that this was a special thing to do for Christmas and I truly saw happiness in the girl's faces as the resident's responded and enjoyed having their visit!!!

Daisy Troop 556, you are all the BEST!!!

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