Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas At Disney

What is there to say except it was way crowded, but very Christmasy!!! First I need to back up with my story.

My sister called me on Friday night. She had broken my niece's Ariel mug by accident. The mug is beautiful and they have one for each princess with Castle type windows and the princess picture in the window. Arlene (niece's name) did not know that it broken. So needless to say, my sister wanted me to see if I could find one. On ebay, the mug went for $22.00. My niece also just turned 13 on December 10th. Arlene also figured out, asked questions about the truth regarding Christmas. So my sister was very emotional about that, about the mug breaking and about her becoming a teenager.

So Saturday, we are off to Disney after lunch. First, we get there and go to Magic Kingdom. As I said a few months ago, there is no way I will pay $30 for a double stroller!!! As we were entering by the courtyard, a nice family was leaving and offered their double stroller. George first said no, but I said yes and how much I appreciated it. Their children dumped a whole bunch of food in it and I would of cleaned it, but the mom helped me. We saved $30.00 and EXTREMELY thankful this happened to us. (See there are nice people in the world!LOL!)
Then it was packed so we just parked it by the courtyard to watch the Parade, which of course, was the Holiday parade. How exciting and we avoided having to pay the $50 + a person for the nighttime festivities, which is mainly the parade the kids like. I can make instant hot chocolate and save $200. heehee!

After the parade, we went to the store where my sister remembered buying the mug. I couldn't find her, but found a "cast member" walking with mugs and followed her to the display. I didn't see the mug at first glance and as I was asking her...BOOM, it was there. 40% off! Well how lucky is that....So I told her how happy I was and briefly told her the story. Well I was so excited that when I went to the counter to pay, I BRIEFLY told the story. The two cast members at the register asked me my name, wrote it down and said, consider this a gift to you from us and to your niece. I know it wasn't my story and periodically they must do this, but the way the story went, my sister's emotional roller-coaster, it was like a true miracle!!

Then we battled to go to MGM, which is how long its been since I've been there. The name has changed to Hollywood Studios, but quite honestly, I do not like that name. I was there opening weekend of MGM back in the 1980 something and to me, I do not care who says differently, it is and will forever be MGM to me!! LOL!

Our last little bit of good luck was that there was no line for Ariel's show, even though it pretty much filled out and that we were 10th in line for Playhouse Disney!!

We ended the evening with the Osborne Lights, the main reason we went to MGM!!!


jennifer said...

The boys and I went to to Disney as well on saturday. We were there for the parade and then off to Hollywood Studios for the lights. What a shame we did not see you guys.

Karlise said...

Glad you guys had fun! We considered going yesterday but I had way too much to do. I kinda regret it but oh well!

Andrea said...

Wow, what a great time it sounds like! good for you! How nice to have those "nice people" & "lucky breaks" happen when you really don't expect them does renew your faith in people! What a wonderful way to start off Christmas vacation!

Melodie said...

Sounds like "someone" was looking out for you guys that day!