Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another weekend, gone

We have had a very busy weekend. Friday, we went caroling with our church. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun. There had to be at least 20 families, some with 2 or 3 children. We had some warm soups before we left and then after we caroled. returned for cookies and cakes. Yummy! Jillian was in her glory, walking and skipping with Miss Heather, her music teacher!

Sat., gym, dance and a birthday party. The birthday party was at BCB Bowling. I love the "moonlight" bowling and the 80's hits they play! Without having a working computer in our family room, it was nice to sit down and watch a movie with George. We watched Disturbia, which was such an excellent movie, but kept me up playing on the laptop for a while...LOL!

Sunday we finished our class to become member's of our Church. So at the Christmas Eve service we will take our vows. ALSO, there is no proof that I was every bapitized. Its a big downfall when you have a mother who passed away at such a young age. My Dad had never been one to discuss a lot of family things. So I will be bapitized prior to taking our vows. I was a little uneasy about being bapitized at my age, but you know what, it will mean a lot to me and to have George and my girls along with friends from the Church there. I was thinking crazy has far as how will I look, a grown woman doing this now. But when our Pastor mentioned the dates available and we chose the 24th (how appropriate for this) I couldn't help but tear up.

I must add that the girls were very good at today's meeting. I am very proud of them. Tonight, we are planning to go see Santa and pay the ridiculous $$$ for our one picture, but a tradition is a tradition!!! LOL! Tomorrow, George and I took off of work for some shopping and together time. I am looking forward to that along with 50 more hours I am taking off of work this month.

Still down the main/work computer...Karlise, I know you offered and I am just waiting for our IT guy today. If he can get in through our Verizon wireless box, he might clear it up and then we are clear...If not and I get a towerless computer for work, then I need the house one with more speed...But I'll be in touch!!!

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Andrea said...

Congrats on becoming member of the church! I think it's great for the girls to see how important it is to you. How wonderful! Hey, I converted to Catholicism when Matthew was an infant & although I did have my baptism records, I found out (very last minute) that Don & I had to be remarried in the Catholic church before I could officially have my "new" First Communion/Confirmation. I felt kind of silly about that but it was fine - we had to find some active Catholic friends to be our witnesses & have a 2nd wedding. Don periodically ribs me by saying he's been married twice!