Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Show

Well, Elizabeth did her show, "Perils of Paul" at church tonight. She had itchy eyes and a little bit of a nose issue, but she held her own and did great. She didn't want to miss this, not so much for the performance, but to see some of her close friends. Afterwards, we had a potluck dinner in the Fellowship Hall, which we always enjoy. Next year, Elizabeth will advance to the next group of kids, 1st through 5th graders and Jillian will join.

Jillian was very good tonight in Church. I was very pleased and proud that she sat there with minimal noise or talking. Go Jilly!

Here are some photo's of Elizabeth including her name on the "big screen".....

Well, its time to just relax and read for a bit...19 more days of school for Jillian and 21-1/2 more days for Elizabeth...Whoohoo!


Melodie said...

Yay for Elizabeth! She must be very proud of herself. She should be, anyway, since she was able to perform while she is feeling under-the-weather.

Andrea said...

Oh I am so glad to hear she didn't have to miss it! That's wonderful - and good for her to do so well performing. You must be so proud of her - think of how much this is going to help her in all areas of her life. Getting up in front of an audience is a BIG deal! What church are you going to - is it UMC Limona? It looks like they do great kids programs!