Monday, May 12, 2008


I am giving myself bragging rights here....For those that read the blogs and have stuck with me over the last 8 months particularly, you will know that there have been a lot of different issues besides health, that we have been ironing out and working on with Jillian.

Today when I took her to school, I spoke with the head of the educational structure at our school and she only had positive things to say. Things how her speech is great, she's understanding her much, much better. Her overall behavior, minus normal 3 yr old stubbornness, is right where it should be, etc. I was thrilled.

Then I received a phone call from her Karate teacher...Jillian has been invited to her first belt testing. Of course I am proud of that, but what really makes me the fact that things are getting better for her and she is swiftly moving forward....

Yay for my Jilly girl!!!


Andrea said...

That is great, Debbie. There is nothing more satisfying to your heart to know you child is moving forward, making progress and is happy. It sounds like all of those are happening. Kudos to her for her first belt testing too! Can't wait to see those pics! Speech is such an up & down road - I completely understand...after us going through over 4 years of speech, I can understand what great news that is! Great follow up to Mother's Day, huh?

Melodie said...

That's so great, Debbie. Brag all you want.