Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lazy Saturday

I do not know why I labeled it "Lazy Saturday" because its 2:15 and it has been anything but lazy. At 7:00 this a.m., I went and did some grocery shopping. By 9:00, my whole family was at the gym. George, doing the machines, the kids in the Kids Club and me, we'll I took a double, Body Step and Body Pump. Saturday's is my favorite, favorite instructor. Let me back up a bit though, one of the things I needed to buy was a Knee Supporter. Not sure where my old one went. About 9 years ago, I threw my ACL out. Its not torn or anything, just not attached to where it needs to be. My knee buckles and things like that. The only ache I seem to have is after a buckling. Yesterday, I took a Body Pump class in the Bloomingdale gym and by the evening, I had a difficult time bending without the knee hurting. So the brace today was great with minimal pain. I think I've just been doing more classes, upping my weight in the Pump class, etc.

So back to my day.....came home and had to do lunch for the family. George had to shower and get out of the house by 1:00 ish. He is doing a private party for the Rolling Pin, but offsite, someplace in St. Petersburg for a Coldwell banker. The party has 18 guests and the class is hands-on. Its quite obvious that this person must have a big house. 18 people does not sound like a lot, but its huge when you are talking 18 people cooking!!!! Can't wait to hear the story about this one....But he won't be home probably, until after 10:00. Begins at 6:30, but a lot of prep work prior to going over there.

The girls and I just spent an hour in the pool and I know that Jillian needs a nap...So we came in and as I am typing, her eyes are getting very, very heavy...Whoohoo! As a matter of fact, Elizabeth is looking tired.

The past few days have been busy. Elizabeth is doing well with the high dose of Amoxil. and drinking lots of yogart drinks (or eating yogart)...Variety helps...Jillian never developed anything, but her behavior has been off...(Not that's its truly on, but off at school). I am not sure if its because her teacher has been out all week because her mother passed away. Realistically, her behavior is similar to the past. Nothing like picking her up yesterday, only to have the Education Coordinator say "I need to speak to you about your daughter" Not even "I need to speak to you about Jillian", but THE DAUGHTER words. She refused to eat her lunch and just cried for me. With school, it is all about me. I am the one she looks for and calls out for. A lot different from Ms. Independent Elizabeth. Something is not right with her and maybe it still is the cold thing...But we've been through other hurdles with her, one more is par for the course...

Well, time to spend some one-on-one time with Elizabeth......

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