Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Made it through 1/2 the week

It really has been a pretty good week, but I am looking forward for it to end...LOL!

Everything at home has been running smooth with the exception of possibly of Jillian's tummy bothering her. She complain today several times that it hurt, one time put her robe on saying she was cold, but otherwise seems fine. Its 10:00 and she woke up about 45 minutes ago with that little whimper sound so I gave her a Pepto for Kids and some Pedialyte just to comfort her and she's back to sleep. Maybe that's all it is, a tummy ache and tomorrow will be a new day.

Tomorrow is her last day of speech until the new school year. She's made great, great success, but I know that she still needs more work. I plan on working with her during the summer with reading and various exercises to keep what she's learned fresh in her mind.

Work is the only complaint this week. Have you ever worked somewhere and feel that you are not making headway and not getting the support you would like. Thank God, I have a great manager and we support each other, but sometimes there is additional help out there, but they just are not there for you...Possibly, things cleared a bit today, but that is possibly with a capital P...

Elizabeth had rehearsal for Oklahoma tonight only to show up with some of the other people and to find out it was canceled until tomorrow. Nice, huh? But its the 3rd week and things are not completely organized. Normally, I would be a real b*tch about it, but I think I handled it quite well.

Its about the time I like to lay down and read...again, not making headway with my book. I start reading it in bed and then fall asleep...So I will end this now and at least get a few pages in before I nod off....

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