Friday, May 16, 2008

And its FRIDAY

Well this week zoomed by for us, but not that it was crazy busy...Strange, I know.

Jillian seemed to just have the stomachache that evening and it never did developed into anything...Thank God...She's very tired right now...I could tell she wanted to go to sleep at 4;30ish, so I gave the girls an early bath...To late to sleep and I was not going to risk her being awake late..

This morning, we had our last Parent's Association for the school year, at La Septima. The families at LVC were very generous and one mom took up a donation to present us each with a gift for all the work we've done. It was such a surprise and a very generous thing to be done for us. I hope these moms and families know that we do what we do because we love the school, the kids and the goals LVC set's for our kids.

Elizabeth has her ENT appt. on Wednesday and Jillian finished speech on Thursday for the school year.

Tomorrow we have a gymnastics party and then Sunday we have Jillian's belt testing. Semi-active, but its all family things.

Well, its 7:00 and I have a few things I want to do before I sit down and relax.....Until another time.........

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