Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holiday/Family Weekend

I had such a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I am feeling it today, between the gym and the pool, but its the good tiredness. The tiredness that you know everyone included had a good time.

We did not do anything special, like to to the park, beach or anyplace. Yes, I am conserving on gas...We are not really taking a vacation this year. Both my husband and I are taking a week in a few weeks, but Jillian will have her summer camp program at Limona and it is the same week that Elizabeth is doing her summer camp program at the Rolling Pin. This will give my husband and I time to do things around the house, both inside and outside. Those things that are not easy to do with the girls around....Hey, maybe we'll even get to go in the pool together and maybe out to lunch one of those days.

This is a short week with a lot of activity packed into it. Jillian has her end of the year program Friday afternoon. I will need to attend all 3 programs as I am secretary of the Parent's Association. Thursday, my little girl is turning 6 yrs old. Of course the big pool party is the following week. I could not pack the weekend up also after this week. At least the celebration lingers. Her last day is June 4th, which will be a 1/2 a day for her. May and June have always been the busy months. We have Oklahoma now and then getting ready for Elizabeth's dance recital....I do not want to rush all the celebrations we are heading for, but June 23rd cannot come too soon!!!!

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Melodie said...

It's a good thing you had such a relaxing weekend... Sounds like you're about to get busy, busy, busy!