Saturday, May 24, 2008

Part 2 of the Lazy Saturday

Well after Jillian fell asleep and I finished my blog, I sat down on the couch and needed to put my legs up...I was dozing in and out...In, which felt good and out, when Elizabeth was asking me things...But it was nice to try to read a book and just be lazy...

I woke Jillian up so that there would be no problem going to sleep tonight and we went back in the pool for another 45 minutes to an hour....Both girls are such fish right now...Elizabeth has turned into an excellent swimming both on top and under the water. They both love jumping in pool. Straight from the pool it was bath time while dinner cooked...I knew that if I planned to do that in the morning before Church, I would feel rushed. We just finished watching "Return to Neverland" which is the newest release from Disney. One part, Tinkerbell's light went off and Elizabeth was upset thinking that Tinkerbell was gone forever. Within 30 seconds, it was back on. But I think she might have that same sensitivity to movies like I do. It was a nice story and all she kept saying at the end was that "Wendy is now a mom and one day, I will be a mom, right mom???!!!!" First of all, she basically calls me Mommy all the time, but now and then, she throws me for a loop and says mom, I just want to tell her you are not 10, 11 or older...Call me Mommy forever....But I just keep my mouth shut....She always comes back to Mommy!!!!

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