Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where did this week go???

I have to officially admit, life as a mom, wife, co-worker, etc. has became crazy...but in good ways.

Of course, I still work full-time from home. We are also dealing with Jillian's cough, not quite the way it was, but it still is. I am involved in the PTA at Elizabeth's School, I have Limona's Parent Association which I am secretary of and this is our busiest time of year, I am now planning my Daisy troop. We have our first meeting on October 3rd and I am very excited. I recruit some more girls and there are going to be a few girls that all went to Preschool together...yes, the alumi meets again.

But all this is fun...I love the stress of running here or there, planning this or that and getting the normal day-to-day things done. George went away today and will be back on Sunday. He is in Boca Raton at a training session for work. This is good for him....he is such a support and a true 1/2 of this household and that he can use a little break. Of course, its two days of 10 hour classes or exhibits, but there will be time for dinner, maybe even the beach...Hope you are having fun, honey! We miss ya!

I did a double class at the gym today, with my fav instructor...Hopefully I will not pay for it tomorrow or Sat...(it can take 2 days to feel it!)

Tomorrow Jillian has a followup chest X-ray. This is to followup with the bronchitis and the cough. Her lungs sound clear, so we'll just get this done to play it safe...

Hope all the fellow bloggers are having a good week and ready for a beautiful, gorgeous weekend that is suppose to be!!!


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking how busy I've been lately with everything. But it's a good busy!! Keeping us on our toes! :)

Andrea said...

I can relate completely with being so busy but a good busy. enjoy your weekend!!