Monday, September 8, 2008

Today Followup for Jilly

I brought Jillian back to the doctor because of this cough...Basically they tell me she looks good and what they really believe now is that its allergies. They want me to start her on Claritin, which Elizabeth already takes.

While I was there, I was semi-frustrated and upset how long it is taking for our little girl to feel better. She is due for her 4 yr check the end of October. I spoke to the doctor and told her that I know in my heart of hearts, she's fine...but I want to make sure we do a full blood collection, all tests for allergies (which is just the screening) her immunity level to make sure that had progressed from birth, white and red blood cell count, etc. The whole package. She was willing to do it right then, today. I said lets do it. I was so thrilled that she understood my concerns and knows that I want to rule out any slight possible chance of anything else going on with her that can be detected through bloodwork. I can speak from experience, our previous pediatrician would of challenged me hard on that one.

So we did the bloodwork and that was a big tramatic for her, so she got her lollipop and stayed home with me. Although by 11:00, I wished she was at school, it was good for her to have that alone time, without much distraction and just chill.

So the cough is still there, I gave her a Claritin (since she cannot have any histamines (sp?) in her for the bloodwork) and we will take it from here...

Now our next visit....Need to leave for USF for other issues...Bye for now!!!

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Karen said...

I hope you finally find some answers. Good luck.