Saturday, November 15, 2008

Space Shuttle & Novemberfest

Last night, the shuttle went up to space to make some repairs to the space station that have not been working correctly for almost a year. The space shuttle went up appox. 7:55 p.m. last night and as we watched it on TV, we ran outside to see if we could see it even with all the clouds...Let me say, WE SAW IT...It was amazing to actually know that we saw it, clear as day (but as night). From the distance, it just looked like a small, bright reddish/orange line. But indeed, we can say we saw it LIVE!

Today we went to Nativity's Novemberfest. We went because of Elizabeth and Judy's Dance dancing there. Otherwise, I am not a huge fan of overly-priced fairs and carnivals. I am not saying that the money does not go to good use, but everything is just hugely expensive there. Instead of buying 2 armbands, we just bought $20 worth of tickets and that was good for the girls.

But at about 6:30, Judy's started dancing and Elizabeth's Ballet Esemble was the 4th out of approx. 14 different dances. Her group did a fantastic job (mommy bragging) and Elizabeth looked adorable dancing. They did a Rock ballet to Queen's "We Will Rock You". Not knowing, Elizabeth's 3 friends from school and 1 from Daisy's were there. They did not come to specifically watch her dance, but when I told them that she was, they sat by us and wanted to watch her. Its so nice that at 6 yrs old, she has that kind of support from her own friends.

Great job, Elizabeth!! We love you!!!

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Melodie said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth! I wish I could have seen you dance.