Thursday, November 6, 2008

My day, Thursday

Well, George is off to NY to a family member's retirement dinner. Its a complete surprise besides my mother-in-law and one SIL and BIL where he went to dinner tonight. George fly directly into Newburgh/Stewart airport and the only direct flight was JetBlue out of Orlando. What an expensive trip between tolls and parking. But he arrived safely.

I had Jillian in the extended care program in case I was not back in time. I picked her up after getting Elizabeth and Jillian was crying thinking I wasn't coming for her. Mommy guilt even though I told her about it...

Then this evening, we had a Reading event at Elizabeth's school. The PTA grilled hotdogs for anyone with a beverage and both girls ate there...Then on to the activities. The first graders sang and each grade after had some sort of performance. They had 3-20 minute small workshop type sessions. These sessions were to guide parents into the reading program at Yates. It really was not necessary that we went since I already knew the program, but it was still fun for Elizabeth. And she saw a lot of her Daisy pals.

Both girls are missing Daddy. Elizabeth cried a bit from tiredness and not having Daddy around. Its sort of a compliment to our home life, that we have such quality time with our kids and they feel something if things change. But on the flip side, things do come up.

Tomorrow night, we have a party to go to and on Sat. is our Camporee. Again, keep the girlies busy:):)

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