Monday, November 24, 2008


Tonight was Jillian's Thanksgiving Program at her preschool. Even though she is sick again with the cough (oy vey, another story!) she did an awesome job and was so adorable on stage....Very tired and I need to be there again tomorrow, so I will just post some pictures and write another time...After all, the pictures are more important!! LOL!

Then Elizabeth had her Thanksgiving Program in school, but tonight she just wore her Pilgrim hat with her Hannah Montana shirt...So she is our Rockstar Pilgrim!!!


Karlise said...

Is LVC taking apps for Pre-K yet? I left a message for Donna more than a week ago and I haven't heard a word. I need to get Ian into Mrs Fisk's class!

Both J&E look great!! Hope they had fun!

Anonymous said...

They look so cute!!

Andrea said...

They look so cute - I will post some pics of Matthew's Pow-Wow & his pilgrim outfit later too. Happy Thanksgiving!