Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One more thing about this Election Day

I cannot believe the actions of some people. I know someone who made a call, not to me, but another person, elderly as a matter-of-fact, telling them if they would vote one way, they would take her out to dinner. (This was all family so there was no bribery going on!) But the nerve. We are part of a country that we can vote for who we prefer without having to be persuaded to do vote a certain way. I also think that its quite rude for people that are not close to a person, to ask who they are voting for. That is not necessary. I was brought up that who a person votes for should be kept private. It does not have to be broadcasted just to possibly get ridiculed by some and forced to listen to other's belief's...Come on now, we are a free country and sometimes it take a few individuals that try to take that freedom away!

I can't wait to see what the outcome is...I will just be happy to get new blood in D.C. at this point! Even Mickey Mouse would be an ideal candidate. Lets face it, whoever wins, a could percentage of the citizens will bad-mouth in a year or two!

This is just my opinion and I have approved this blog!


Heather said...

Mickey Mouse, 2012!

Debbie said...


Melodie said...

It's one thing to show your support for your candidate, and to share with someone why you support your candidate in hopes that they will see things your way, but to go beyond that is ridiculous. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. And honestly, people who go overboard on these political things do more harm than good, in my opinion.