Saturday, October 11, 2008

Family Day

Like others, today was completely with the family. After breakfast, we all went to the gym and then after Elizabeth had dance. After that, we just didn't do anything. Played around with the girls, actually went in the pool because the pool warmed up. Then we gave the girl's an early bath and then ate dinner. I had a moderate amount of laundry to do while we played a game of Candyland.

We are having AC problems. Our AC is leaking. We discovered this tomorrow. Thank God for Home Warranties. We have to pay a $60 service call, but everything else should be covered...Even if God forbid we need a new unit. But with the fans on, we'll be fine. The AC company said that we can still use the air, but with the leak, I do not want to damage the rug...(Thankful we have a wet vac!) But Monday morning they will be out...Hopefully, nothing serious, but our last maintenance for the summer, our guy said that we would probably need a new unit in a few years. We'll see if a few year's came sooner than expected.

Tomorrow is church and maybe a trip to the pumpkin patch...We'll see...

Well back to the Rays and the race!!!

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Karlise said...

Ours leaks sometimes too. I know with ours, it gets nasty algae inside the pipes and they have to come spray it out. Ours is a relatively new unit too (maybe 5-6years old). Hope you get it fixed quickly!