Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Elizabeth's Strange Behavior

Ok, so I am truly pulling my hair out trying to deal with Elizabeth lately. Something is going on, and I do not know what it is...But I think we are nailing it a bit.

Without going into details, I truly believe that Elizabeth is so timid and shy that it is affecting her in ways that you could only imagine. Ex., I believe that she did not pay attention to directions for one of her homework assignment. I explained that she needs to ask her teacher. Her response, "I'll just take the zero". Then she was kind of physically upset last night, so I wrote a note to her teacher. She never gave her teacher the note. I was livid. At dinner, though, I was able to somewhat think that she was talking to her friend, never heard clearly what needed to be done, and the teacher might of said that she is not repeating it. For those that know Elizabeth, this is so not her. Unfortunately, yes Jillian, but I never had issues with Elizabeth. And not to give the note...OMG, I have no words for this. Yes, I did things in school, etc. but I know they are wrong. I need to snap her back to reality, into the responsible 6 yr old I love to brag about.

This is just a small problem, I guess, but when its so far from her personality, it just catches me off guard.

Tonight, went to the gym, upped my weights for my arms and pray that they are not too sore tomorrow:o)


Karen said...

At least she didn't come home with a red mark in her agenda with a note from her teacher telling you how disrespectful she was being today, lol. I got that note. Shawn's teacher told me when she asked him to move his stick, he said "oh yea". I'm sure she'll snap out of it. Good luck!

Melodie said...

I hope Elizabeth has an easier time overcoming her shyness than Sarah has. Sarah still has trouble speaking to authority figures (like teachers) and it has affected her school grades. Sarah is not one to talk in class and not pay attention to the teacher. Her problem is when she misses a day of school due to illness, she has a difficult time getting her make-up work because she isn't very assertive in letting her teacher know that she needs it. When it never gets turned in, she takes the zero, which brings down her overall grade.

Melodie said...

Love the new look! There's an award waiting for you over at my blog.

Andrea said...

Hopefully it is just a phase she's going through - overcoming shyness is really so hard. And then often people keep labelling you as shy & that perpetuates it. I know that was the case for me - I was painfully shy as a child & it was very hard. But this seems to be a sudden change - so I really hope it is just a phase - an emotional growth spurt!

Andrea said...

I have a meme on my blog that I tagged you with