Saturday, October 4, 2008

Daisy's and Disney

I had my first Daisy meeting yesteday and it was awesome. Special thanks to Kari and Donna, my assistant leader and mentor for the troop. We have 9 girls with a possibility of going to 11. They are all so into it and adorable. I will not post the troop picture being that they are only 5 and 6 yr olds and I know that I would not want my girl's posted on a stranger's blog... But I am excited and hope the girl's and their parents are equally excited.

Today went to the gym and we went to Disney. We really have not had that much quality family time on the weekend lately. George was away last week and all the other weekends, someone was sick, getting over being sick or we've been working outside. We've had our new passes for over a month and today we finally activated them. (But they are good for a year from of activation, which we knew) We went later than normally. I figured that we do not have to be there when any of the parks open. We've done that dozens and dozens of times, not necessary. Well the last time I went there with the girls was in January. My sister and family were down. Whenever we go, we rent one of their double strollers. It makes getting to the park much easier or on the Disney bus, much easier. Back in January, it was $20, might seem high, but convenient. Found out today that this past April, the stroller rental increased. Now when you here increase, ok, everything is going up...But there is no freakin reason that the current price is now $31. I LOVE Disney, but I have to say, that's just pure freakin greed. Disney or not Disney, that is just ridiculous. I feel like writing to someone and even though I am one person, I cannot change what Disney does, at least I will feel better being heard...(or the letter going in the garbage!)

All in all, we had the best day, and I mean that. I never really get the chance to say that the girls, both girls, same day were perfect, but they were. I was amazed, especially after Jilly being in a wild mood in the a.m. I really do not have many pictures to share. I took about 10 in total of the girls, but I am not taking pictures of the parade, etc. Being there so much, I have a lot of pictures that look the same, just different clothing being worn. Plus, I just want to enjoy my girls without breaking for pictures. (I tend to go overboard w/pictures!)

Well I am beat right now...I need to rest or get started on my letter. To the book, my back area, right by my lung, is killing me. Has been all day and I was coughing last night. So am I getting sick so soon, again?? Maybe, hope not, but maybe!


Karlise said...

We were at Disney today too (Epcot). Glad you guys had fun!

We don't rent their strollers but I learned about the rental increase a long time ago. I can't believe how much they went up! Crazy!

Andrea said...

That's great about your Daisys! Good for you! It is a fun phase!

Melodie said...

I'm so glad things are going well for you and your Daisy troop. Don't forget that Juliet "Daisy" Lowe's (founder of GS and namesake of the Daisy GS) birthday is on Halloween, so you should have some sort of birthday celebration at your troop meeting that day, if possible.