Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Summary of the Life at Templetown

Like most of us, we've hit the busy time of the year. Preparing our kids for summer break....preparing ourselves for the kids summer break and so on.

We've had a remarkable month and a lot of good fortune come our way...No, not extra cash...things worth much more.

I've seen Elizabeth grow with more confidence in her day to day living...Her being able to accept disappointment while being happy for someone else gain. She tried out for Sound of Music, was not casted, but excited her friend was and wants to see her in the play. She worked so hard on studying for her Spelling Bee. She came in a proud 2nd place. Academically, she has exceeded all expectations for her age and grade level once again. She earned a gold medal for Math and has not taken any of this for granted. She has been rewarded with a phone call to audition for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and was casted. What news...the call came at 9:30 on the eve before her Birthday. She received (finally as she would put it) a Nintendo DS with the Littliest Pet Shop game. A well deserved birthday gift for hardworking 7 year old. Elizabeth will be attending a Summer Day Camp @ Sadie Park.

We've made leaps and bounds with Jillian....She graduated for Preschool status to actual PreK. She will be spending her 3rd straight year at LVC's summer camp program. Her speech has improved and her fluency has also received positive recognition. She performed in the Spring Show at Church with the Children's Choir along with her sister. Her group of close friends are kids that she will take with her next year and just possibly for the onset of Elementary years.

Our kitchen is completed once again, with some minor adjustments of mixed match wood grains that need to be replaced. We were even able to get new carpeting for our family room, the contractor convincing the insurance company that even though there was not noticable water damage, the carpet was soaked for too long with little kids.

So Summer 2009, I am truly ready for you....I know it will be a busy one for some activities do not stop and playdates and work just keep on coming......but I am ready to take you on!!!


Heather said...

sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for!

Andrea said...

What great accomplishments - kudos girls!! Enjoy every minute of ur summer