Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Little Karate Girl

Jillian started back with Karate tonight. You might remember, back in September/October, Jillian had the horrible cough that seemed to never go away. We removed her (temporarily from Karate) because of the cough. Any physical activity would send her in a coughing fit. The the holiday's hit, busyness, etc. set in. But tonight, she went back. The joy was when she got there, a little girl remembered her, a friend from her class was there and joined last month, and another little boy, one year older than her, but in the classroom next to her's. She was so, so happy.

Her listening skills have improved so much, but she did fall behind in her Karate skills. That is ok and to be expected and she'll pick that up again. Proud of you, my Jilly.

Elizabeth has decided that she misses choir. She will finish this year with her two dance classes and if the schedule doesn't change, drop the Wed. class to go back to choir. Unfortunately, this is the performing class, but it is her decision. She had an option to switch this week, but she wants to continue with the Ballet Emsemble this year. The problem was the Emsemble time is the same time as Choir, where all her friends are. So is it because she misses singing or misses the time with her friends? I would say the latter of the two, which is fine...She's only 6. But she needed to make a decision.

Elizabeth will be dancing at City Walk in Universal the beginning of February and then the Strawberry Festival.

Saturday night is the Girl Scouts Father/Daughter Dance. The dance is held at Nativity, where some of us will be decorating. But I am excited for George and Elizabeth to be doing this. They actually have a date....But sshhh, don't tell anyone, George ordered a coursage (sp?).

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