Saturday, June 27, 2009

Since I am Up......

It's been quite a while since I blogged anything and this might end up being a boring one, but what the hell. It's 6:00 in the a.m. and I cannot sleep.

The month of June is coming to a close. Elizabeth ended school on another high note, being on the honor roll, etc. I know its the lower grades, but if we can keep this up, she might be able to get the scholarship Florida offers for student remaining on the honor roll their entire school life. Our neighbor across the street will be going to USF just for doing that...Who knows......what is important right now is that E loves school and is fully invested in school.

She started summer camp through the Park Recreation program. She goes to Sadie Park. The first day taking her was like Kindergarten all over again. She was so shy, wouldn't let go of George and brought me to tears when I went back to the car. But later that day, she LOVED it. She goes everyday, M - F somewhere around 7:30 and pick up varies to what is going on. She has stayed to 6 one or two days, but somewhere between 4 & 5 seems to be the norm. But I will be pulling her for playdate days, like this coming Monday.....when we have a pool party of E's preschool friends that she still sees.

Jillian is doing the Kids Construction Zone at LVC. This is her 3rd year and basically the same every year. But it is great for her because her teacher for the summer is her teacher next year and was her afterschool teacher (at times) last year. So its nice that they are forming their bond now so the start of school will be a smooth transition. I've said this before but even being home now, her speech is improving so much. Yes, she will still need to see her speech therapist, but she is speaking more clearly. She's been wonderful, with the exception of the last few days, this summer. The past few days have been extremely challenging for George and I and we need to remember to just help her and not let it get the best of us...

We planned on going to NY this summer but canceled that due to Elizabeth being in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat through the Village Players. We are considering Thanksgiving time, but with gas prices, the considering becomes less and less. (Probably should of never made plans with family for November only to disappoint them).

Work is work. I have a very good friend, who is also my manager, who is suffering from migraines, worse than anyone else I know. She has been out of work most of this week and last week, was put on 14 (I think) different prescriptions including an injectable. I know migraines are difficult (although I never had one) but this is the worse case I have ever seen. Feel better, sweetie~!!

I guess that's it...Whoever reads this, either down here or up North is on Facebook so I will not bore you with repeat pictures. God knows I post a lot of them on Facebook.

So until I am sitting here thinking what to do again.......I'll be back soon!

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