Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well today was the big day...Both girls woke me up by 6:30, wondering if the Easter Bunny showed up. Well (he or she) did! The Easter Bunny ate the carrots and jelly beans we left out and hid their baskets and a big jug of bubbles and bubble making things around the house. The Easter Bunny was low key....besides the little things of candy and small items, Elizabeth did get HSM 3 and Jillian did get a new bike helmet...How did that furry Bunny know!

We went to the traditional 10:45 service, came home, had an Easter egg hunt, and had munchies and swam and ate. It was a fun day for all...Here are a few pictures.

Last night, George and I did go to the "Walk with the Cross" or something like that ate Horizon something or another, church. It was very similiar to the Walk through Bethlehem, but instead, told the story of the last days of Jesus...It was touching....Here are some pictures of both last night and today!!!


jennifer said...

I would like to go through the "walk" next year. How was it for children?

Debbie said...

Quite honestly, I think your two older boys would enjoy doing this...not sure how Zane feels about it. Some of the Roman's were yelling at all of us, because we were walking and we are suppose to be the townspeople. Unfortunately, my over-sensitive Elizabeth would not do well with it yet and Jillian, she'd probably yell back...LOL! During the Last Supper walk through, I was teary eye....