Saturday, April 11, 2009

The End of Spring Break

So...its early Saturday a.m., Spring Break is officially over and we have Easter to look forward to tomorrow.

The rest of the week (Wed. & Thursday) consisted of various playdates with preschool and school friends. It was packed with loads of fun. As previous posted on Facebook, Elizabeth has completely mastered riding a two-wheeler....We've gone to a friend's house and the following day to All Person's Park, plus time at home playing in dirt (Jillian) and riding scooters and bikes.
Friday was suppose to be our Disney trip and we were actually going to go next Friday also, but those blackout dates are upon us...Never bothered looking them up and saw on our pass envelope that we are in the middle of them. So we will wait until the 18th and all will be good in our little world.

George was off on Friday and Elizabeth really did not want to go to the beach...Something about wedgies with her bathing suit, so we were not forcing the issues. Instead she has been asking to go to Dinosaur World...Yes, Dinosaur World instead of the beach..Hmmm! Oh well, it's there Spring Break. There were not a lot of people there, but just enough...But for a cheaper day, closer to home, it was fine...Then the kids took their first venture this season in the pool. I went in because it was their first time and it was freezing....But what we do for our kiddies...!!!

We had a nice family day ending with some current family video's and looking at old ones, back when Elizabeth just graduated from preschool....It does not get any better than that!

So today is Saturday, back to the usual feeling that its the weekend and tomorrow we will have Jeremiah, George's son and some of our friends over for a relaxing and enjoyable Easter dinner....

Hope all is well and everyone enjoyed their week and for those who still have their's to come, enjoy their own vacation!!! Happy Easter to all!

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