Sunday, March 1, 2009

A New Week Upon Us

Although this weekend was someone uneventful, it was still packed. Saturday, my Daisy Troop had their first Cookie Booth at Publix on 60. We did amazing. It is truly wonderful to see 5 and 6 year olds be so excited to "serve" the community and sell cookies. I've always know that GS cookies were very popular, but again, the crowds and amount of boxes that are bought are truly amazing. We have one more booth next week which I know will still be as exciting as yesterday.

George's son came over also. George and his son are planning a camping trip in April. They can have some father and son/bonding time. Elizabeth will be having a campout with her friend in a couple of months...and in our backyard.

Today was Race Day and my fav was doing so well until closer to the end...Then literally near the last lap or two, crashed! Oh well.

I love the weekend because its nice to have family time and in a strange sense, escape the busyness and hastle of weekday events.

Now it is time to set up coffee and get ready to read in bed...Please, I want a nice night of sleep and not one of those quick nights...LOL!

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Andrea said...

I'm with you on that - please sleep, be long! LOL! What a race, huh? Very "edge of your seat" right to the end! I have to say, Matthew is getting me hooked. I still don't know what somethings mean & Matthew rolled his eyes when I said I didn't know what a "green/white/checkered finish" meant! LOL! He's so full of himself sometimes. But wow - what a race! No injuries though - but I did see someone climb into the ambulance (but they climbed probably not too bad). Matthew has decided Kyle Busch is his 2nd fav driver!