Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happenings in the Temple House

It seems like forever since I have been on my blog. I do not feel like I've been any busier than normal, but Facebook has taken over my life (when I am on the computer). Yes, I am addicted...LOL! At least its a positive one!!!

First to start, I've had that nasty chest cold that has been going around and actually lost my voice for almost 3 days. Kids loved it....couldn't really tell them what to do...Elizabeth also developed the same and her voice was going, but easy restored. We both still have the cough. Jillian has been coughing, but nothing really big. George has begun to sniffle, but nothing more.
My mood lately has been gloomy. With the exception of a loving family, I seem to be constantly thinking and worrying. I think its part not feeling good, part PMS, part the world, and a big part that I bring on myself....Thank you Temple Family....for stilling loving me through all this.

Both girls are enjoying Karate. I need to brag, but Elizabeth balanced longer than the boys in her class (and it was a class filled with boys), kicked high and steady and showed more strength. Hard to believe that she has an assertion problem with being aggressive. Jilly is steady there and her listening years (at Karate) have been turned around. Very proud of her.
I was able to get the required certification needed for Jillian's VPK next year and turned in that with her blue and yellow forms already. We are set! Last year in preschool, but I am not ready to discuss that any further. Just know blog readers, I've volunteered in that school since Elizabeth was there, been secretary of the Parent's Association, know all the teacher's, some even socially, so next year around April/May, I will not only feel sad because of my littliest girl will be moving to Kindergarten, but someplace I really enjoyed being part of, coming to an end...But I've gained so much experience there and instead of being partially involved in the PTA at Elizabeth's school, I can become more vested in Elizabeth and then, Jillian's school. Its a bittersweet move...But heck, I need to stop....I said I wasn't going there.

Tonight was the Dr. Seuss PJ Party at Yates. Elizabeth went last year, had a blast and again this year...This year was even better being that this was her 2nd year going, she was able to see Kindergarten classmates that she does not see as much this year. She heard 5 different stories and the best part was....NO PARENT WORKSHOP this year! LOL!

This weekend is our first Girl Scout Cookie Booth....Publix on 60 and Robertson from 1:00 - 4:00, come out and support our troop. Next Sat., Publix on Kingsway from 10:00 - 1:00..(Troop 556)

For now, I will end it with some Family Fun a couple of weekends ago...Washing my van! Good night all!


Karlise said...

What class will Jillian be in this fall? We requested Mrs Fisk of course! Mandie's (Maes) dd Brooklyn will be in there too. We realized our babies will be in class together eventually too unless something happens down the road. I need to get down to the VPK office soon I guess. I'm all registered and paid for at the school at least.

SOunds like Karate is going well. I'm trying to talk Logan into it. He doesn't want to stop tumbling though- he'll *miss his coaches too much*.

Debbie said...

Jillian will be in VPK, but I guess you knew that....I have requested Kristina. I keep Jillian in aftercare 3 days a week, just to enjoy herself, basically. Kristina is great with her...Jillian needs the challenge and K is the teacher that already does that for her...So it looks like we can be class moms! We started something new this year...a classroom rep, not a class mom persay, but a rep who can go to the meetings and basically call when we need volunteers, donations, etc...It helps because not everyone reads my notices :( LOL!

I never knew about the certification. Stupid me submitted her registration and then Donna called me and explained...No wonder why my girls sometimes ignor me...I ignor other things...LOL!

We go to the Flying Dragon for Karate. The instructors are so good and so patient with the kids. You know how Jillian has always kept me on my toes...Her discipline is least while she's there...

You should call there or any place and they usually let you have a trial class. Maybe if Logan went, he'll realize that some of the things he's probably doing, he'll do in Karate...but the only thing are the coaches :(